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This is us

Pheeny (by Mister): Fun, fast and wonderful.  She knows how to take care of me by encouraging my crazy projects, helping out at home and desperately trying to be interested in some of the awfully dull subjects I can bring up.  She works as my censorer for the benefit of all, but encourages me to speak freely.  Her mind works so quickly it is easy to see how she will save the world.  She cares authentically about the needs of others, she always does what she can to help.  She constantly needs an out for her incredibly rapid mind and loves to share with me all that races through her head.  She wakes me up in the morning by pulling the curtain, knowing that the best way to get me out of bed is to shine the sun on my face and gently kiss me.  There is only one Pheeny, so don’t trust Google claiming it can bring up over 14000 results when looking her up.  She is unique, she is wonderful and for some unfathomable reason, she chose me.

Mister (by Pheeny): Kind, attentive, my best friend. He works hard, he takes time to just be with me, he is silly and fun, and spends time on big questions. He steps up to new challenges to courage and determination, and puts himself completely into things he believes in. He tends to miss the subtlety of social interactions, always has numerous projects on the go, and, like most men, thinks he is a lot funnier than I think he is.  With regular need for creative outlets, he draws, writes, and plays guitar. He is always ahead in school and work projects.  He reads constantly, and fixes my computer whenever I need him to. Neither me, nor my computer, would live nearly as happily without him.

The story of “He Said Purple”: When we were dating, Mister figured out (accidentally) that when I was off on a tangent, mind soaring at 500mph, far away from the conversation we were having a minute ago, and he needed me to come back to it, he could say “Purple!” and I would stop talking. My mind would go quiet, and I would listen to him reintroduce the topic and engage in conversation with him. Why did “Purple!” clear my head? I have no idea. But it worked. And the worst part is, I didn’t even know he was doing it until he told a friend about it. Imagine my surprise as my boyfriend shared his management techniques for my mind.  If only I could do it to myself…

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