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What will this year bring?

January 6, 2013

The past month has been rather enjoyable!  I submitted my thesis on November 30th (WOOHOO!) and Mister and I spent the day puttering around Ottawa. Saturday was his brother’s birthday dinner, and Sunday I went down to Toronto for a few days to work in the office. Back home for a few days, crashed, cleaned up my books and notes, slept, fought a cold, and packed. Then I spent a few days in Montreal (national meetings of the organization I am interning for), then home for a few days, then went to Winnipeg!  I spent a week with my parents knitting/crocheting/visiting with family before Marc arrived and we moved to stay with my brother and sister-in-law.  Then a quiet Christmas which provided quality time with family, after which we all got sick. The boys played a lot of video games, I did a lot of knitting.  And I scratched some cows.  We spent New Year’s Eve with Marc’s parents in Ottawa and did our Christmas celebrations with them, and New Year’s Day with Marc’s extended family in Montreal…. the party quieted down at 2am, at which point the cards started.  We went to bed at 4:30am… his grandparents were up later, and earlier than us in the morning. Finally, we drove back to Ottawa, picked up the gifts and rearranged the car, and then came home to Brockville.  I love me bed.

Mentally, its been an interesting month. I basically stopped taking my meds after handing in my thesis…. I took them when I was in the Toronto or Montreal offices, but thats it.  I haven’t had meds in three weeks. It took about a week before I was able to feel functional again. Stopping outright is not what the docs recommend, but its what I did. I’m much more productive on meds, I think I might be able to be very productive off of them, but I need routine and structure – something neither Marc nor I are good at. I have to work harder, and put more mental energy into doing things off meds. And I can’t read.  I don’t have the attention span, I miss huge chunks… its just not fun. And getting to sleep is much more difficult.

However, I am good at hand tasks… like cooking, knitting… things I can just go and do. So those have been very consistent. That, and these always involve colourful new materials, and new projects, so it helps keep focus by always being new. As I get into larger projects, this may fade.

So, now its time to get back to ‘reality’. My vacation, from meds and ‘life’ is coming to a close (I HOPE!). I am heading down to the Toronto office for a couple days this week, and will start applying for jobs. My thesis defence dates are being negotiated, but it should be mid-month. And then, someone needs to start paying me for something. New year, new focus… just don’t know what it will be yet.





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