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November 12, 2012

After five weeks, I finally got comments back from my supervisor, and have begun the painful process of editing. Its not that bad, all things considered…. she told me first thing that the project was in good shape and that, with some editing, it can be defended this term. Later, she complimented my writing ability and style (which, after reading three chapters of her comments, made me dance!). Her comments are direct, sometimes brutal, but always fair. She put in notes of things she will ask me about in my defense (…which read almost like threats….). I appreciate both what she is doing and how she is doing it. BUT:

I spent three hours today trying to find info on something I mentioned offhand in chapter 1. I gave up.

I Ctrl F-searched for a specific word in 26 documents of reading notes before I found the quote I was looking for, only to discover it was not the quote I thought it was.

I called my dad to help me figure out how to properly refer to the uncertain colonies in the indeterminate time period I referenced.  He’s smart… he figured it out for me!

I spent 45 minutes trying to locate a source for which I have reading notes, properly cited, but have no recollection of reading…. I have all my pdfs in one place, all my books in a box right beside me… I know the content of this chapter, but the book title, cover design, and editor’s names mean nothing to me… No idea where or when I read this chapter…

I wrote arguments against my supervisor’s comments and against my own comments, in comment bubbles.  Word had trouble keeping the bubbles together at one point… I had three pages of comments in a single argument. Then I deleted them all and wrestled with my dog. I have to go back to that tomorrow.

This was only chapter 1…. and its not finished yet.

The only reason I can’t honestly say that I loath this project is that I am too excited that the end is in sight!

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  1. November 13, 2012 4:36 pm

    hurray there’s a light at the end! I hope wrestling with the dog helped!

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