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Today’s Coping Mechanism

December 15, 2011

I have been busy and tired – working at a large restaurant, last week and this week are just insane with all the Christmas parties – I worked 52 hours last week, with even a few serving shifts! Working either doubles or split shifts, I come home exhausted, and just want crash time. So, there hasn’t been much study time. But I had Tuesday off – I did groceries on Monday before work, so I got to stay home all day Tuesday! I was so excited.

I knew I had to study – some really good reading time to “make up” for the five days without reading leading up to Tuesday.  I also knew that with Mister’s two exams and finishing of a paper the same day, with Corey’s habitual breaking into song and his differently-placed chores, I needed a place to study that wasn’t our apartment. But I didn’t want to go out – I hadn’t has a day home a few weeks, I needed to do laundry… I needed to stay home!

So I spent four hours in the laundry room!  I took my book, my pencil, my water bottle, a snack and the laundry, and took over the end of the folding table. It was warm, very little distraction, but enough people going in and out of the room and visible through the window going in and out of the building so as not to feel isolated. And I finished my book! YAY!  Now I have a new study place that is still home, but not home… and lots of clean clothes!

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  1. January 4, 2012 9:47 am

    how was the trip back? New year’s?

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